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The idea: the biorhythms affect your health

The biorhythm is a scientifically unproven theory that says that you can calculate good and bad days in your health. The doctrine is based on three sinus curves with different cycles:

  • the physical biorhythm, here called fitness, with 23-day cycles,
  • the emotional biorhythm with 28-day cycles,
  • the mental biorhythm, here called intellect, with 33-day cycles

These biorhythms begin at birth at zero and initially runs into the positive range. All crossings of the zero line are critical, and therefore potentially bad days on which, if possible, no increased risk activities should take place. High and low points of the curves are particularly suitable or unsuitable for the corresponding activities.
The basis for this calculation was created at the beginning of the 20th century by the Viennese psychologist Hermann Swoboda and the Berlin physician Wilhelm Fliess.