The Service of Reality Information

Share from Candle talks 01.06.2014

All the realities in the World and the information learned by this way, the messages sent from the spiritual realms, all the inventions, everything that could be named as information including everything that we are living all exist for a purpose and each of these is a preparation. For the human Beings in other words Essence Beings’ to collect the necessary information from the realities, people had to live their lives seriously and it was a necessity for  the human beings themselves not to have the knowledge of what was the purpose of all this information. The mechanisms which are disabling from learning the purposes of the reality information are still being  lived as events. The events standing against learning the truth and seeming like barriers  are:

1-) The current life conditions

2-) The persuasion efforts of the friends or society

 3-) Not having  come across with the information that are trying to explain the secrets of life and so forth. Lots of causes which seem like barriers could be listed further like this.

The conditions which enable these causes are for the Beings to collect all the information through the current reality. And all this information was the preparation knowledge attaining to greater  information. Beings started to complete the knowledge gained by means of reality and most of them are about to complete. A person who is living in any reality can not see this. His life style would change slowly slowly and he could just recognize this change, and begin to think about the outcomes and causes. What is happening in the invisible side of this life is that his/her essence Being’s way of collecting information through reality is undergoing a change. Master Beings who are supervising the movements of the human Being and fulfilling the duty of motherhood  gave the  information  the being would need earlier, as they had seen the change earlier.

The information given will seem new and different or will be hard to understand for the Beings who are continuing to collect  information from the current reality.This is a very natural outcome.  The knowledge of  what  all the information collected  through reality serves has come out today. And you could find this in the book called  The  Divine Order and The Universe.

Noted  down by Hatice İnan


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