Archangel Gabriel-Daily Message ~ Wednesday December 23, 2015

adana30 bDear Ones, let us remind you that your paths are self correcting. Allow that to sink in for a moment. It is impossible for you to stray too far from who you really are and what you are on the planet to do because you would become too uncomfortable and would redirect in no time. Do you see? Your discomfort is simply a redirectional tool designed to get you to choose your alignment and your truth. From this viewpoint you can be kinder and easier on yourselves, start to really pay attention to how you are feeling, and finally give yourself permission to choose a path of comfort and joy. ~Archangel Gabriel

Archangel Gabriel-Daily Message ~ Tuesday December 22, 2015

adana37 cDear Ones, you cannot analyze your way into having fun. Think of children leaving a school for recess. They whole-heartedly embrace the Now moment, effortlessly moving from activity to activity, spending time in whatever they feel is most enjoyable.
Fun is a surrendered flow. It cannot be forced or constrained, as true fun takes on a life of its own. Allow yourself to set your inner GPS to fun and see where it takes you! With the carefree abandon of a child, know that if you try something and don’t like it you can simply try something else. Be present, be open, and be joyful, for you that is how you fully embrace life and all it has to offer. ~Archangel Gabriel

Archangel Gabriel-Daily Message ~ Monday December 21, 2015

adana15 cDear Ones, you simply cannot make changes by pushing against what is unwanted. To do so keeps you engaged in the very essence of what you are trying to move beyond. True, lasting change comes from creating a foundation that supports what it is you wish to experience, and from there the rest will come automatically and naturally, with ease and flow.
Let us give you an example. You cannot create the energy of patience by pushing against impatience. Pushing against anything is sure to get you more of the same. Impatience indicates a lack of acceptance, which is the essence of what you are looking for.

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Archangel Gabriel-Daily Message ~ Sunday December 20, 2015

adana14 bDear Ones, there is an energetic foundation from which all the things you wish to experience as enlightening human beings is built upon. This foundation consists of alignment, peace, acceptance and unconditional love. If you are starting to feel out of balance or overwhelmed, it is a sign that you are out of that alignment and it is time to take a moment to get back onto that firm foundation.
If you are having trouble settling yourselves enough to get back into the alignment that allows you to experience the peace, acceptance and love that is such healing balm for your soul, simply call on us to assist you. It is a great honour and pleasure for us to support you in such a way, and it delights us every time you remember to ask for the help that is always readily available to you. ~Archangel Gabriel

Archangel Gabriel-Daily Message ~ Saturday December 19, 2015

adana10 bWhen you love and accept yourself you allow yourself to shine. When you shine brightly in your truth, you effortlessly attract the perfect matches to you – the ideal partner, the like-minded friends, the fulfilling job, your highest purpose and experiences. Loving and accepting yourself is like turning on your own personal beacon, and from that empowered action everything else can easily find you. ~Archangel Gabriel

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