Archangel Gabriel -Daily Message- Sunday December 13, 2015, Dear Ones, that choosing a word or intention for your day is like setting your internal GPS to where you would like to go. It is an empowered process of choosing your energetic preference rather than living by reaction. As you continue to grow and evolve and step into your mastery, surrender and flow with intention will become your preferred way of navigation, so much so that you will wonder how you ever did it any other way. ~Archangel Gabriel


Archangel Gabriel -Daily Message- Saturday December 12, 2015 is easy to get distracted by the busyness of the holiday season. It can be quite a demanding month for many of you, with preparations for your family celebrations, the winter solstice, the influx of Christed energies that occurs on Christmas, as well as shifting into the energies of a new year. Remember that it is through your alignment that you recharge your energetic batteries, so to speak.

Stop. Breathe. Connect. Consciously choose to see the love, the magic that abounds during this time. Make an intention to surrender into the flow of joy and love that is always available to you. Ask us for assistance, for that is what we are here for. You have done such a magnificent job with all you have accomplished during this pivotal and very accelerated year. We encourage you to take a moment to celebrate yourself as a vital part of all, and to choose to cherish the Now moments you have been so instrumental in creating. ~Archangel Gabriel

Archangel Gabriel -Daily Message- Friday December 11, 2015 you have the intention to surrender into being of highest service at the beginning of your day, an interesting thing happens. You will be embodying your divine light and alignment with Source, and thus become a transmitter of those energies everywhere you go. This means that you will be emanating energy, rather than picking up random energies from people and locations. For those of you who find yourselves highly affected by the energies of others, this is the easiest way to keep your balance and stay comfortable throughout your day, with the added bonus of bringing the light to those people and areas who may need it. It is a beautiful practice that serves all. ~Archangel Gabriel

Archangel Gabriel -Daily Message- Thursday December 10, 2015 is one of the most powerful spiritual tools you can use, as it is the antidote to resistance, judgment and impatience. Faith and trust are what lead to acceptance, and once you can shift into the idea that everything is always unfolding as is divinely perfect, you will naturally begin to experience the magical elements that are created from acceptance which are peace, grace and ease. ~Archangel Gabriel

Archangel Gabriel -Daily Message- Wednesday December 9, 2015 Ones, what if today you decided to be gentle? Gentle with yourselves, gentle with others, gentle with animals, gentle with the planet. Can you feel the energy of that? Can you feel how that creates a lovely flow? In the busyness of fast moving energies and a holiday season, gentleness can be a very welcome approach that is both soothing and restorative. ~Archangel Gabriel

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