Archangel Gabriel -Daily Message- Friday December 4, 2015 many of the human experience don’t know how to practice self-love. They have become so consumed with the love, care, and behaviour of others, they have become completely lost in the shuffle. Many of you are starting to understand that loving yourself is equally important, but simply do not know how to do so.

To love yourself means that you start to consider your own needs. It means you start to care about how you really feel about things, and take the time to listen to those emotions. It is caring, supporting and encouraging yourself. It is accepting yourself as the slice of divinity you truly are, and celebrating the wonder you are that you have just discovered.

“But how do we do all those things?” you ask. It is about putting yourself on your own rotation of love. It is becoming your own guide, your own angel, your own best friend, your own loving parent. It is taking the love you so freely give to others and applying liberally to self. ~Archangel Gabriel

Archangel Gabriel -Daily Message- Thursday December 3, 2015 beings often feel a need to make immediate decisions and know exactly where their path is going. This stems from a desire to control or have assurances for the future, which indicates a feeling of powerlessness.

Dear Ones, let us assure you the universe is always conspiring to help you. Always. If you do not know how your path is unfolding, you can simply choose to observe for now and know you can make a decision later, once you have more information. Often your desire to control is to avoid “bad” things. The empowered way to navigate your life is to embody what you wish to experience more of, and to surrender into the unfoldment that will surely reflect that with faith and trust.

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Archangel Gabriel -Daily Message- Wednesday December 2, 2015 Ones, expecting to create the life of your dreams while being on high alert for what you do not want amounts to checking store after store for anchovies when you really want ice cream. ~Archangel Gabriel

Archangel Gabriel - Daily Message ~ Tuesday December 1, 2015

adana59 cWhen you experience disappointment in another it is because you are looking outside of yourself for satisfaction. As you have no control over what another does, this amounts to gambling with your happiness. You will always end up feeling let down in one way or another, because only you can create your own foundation of wholeness.
What you are truly seeking, and what will always satisfy you, is connecting to the unconditionally loving and supportive Source within you. Choose to love yourself so completely and deliciously that your deep satisfaction is assured. From there it is easy to simply love and accept others for who, and where they are, without condition. ~Archangel Gabriel

Archangel Gabriel -Daily Message- Monday November 30, 2015 you are in a state of acceptance, you are demonstrating your complete faith and trust in the universe. This is what creates peace with the unfoldment of life. ~Archangel Gabriel

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