Existence is the manifestation or image of the Infinite Being, the Creator. For that reason, to discuss the concept of the Creator and to comprehend it, it will first be necessary to discuss the principle of "Existential Unity".

The Uniqueness of the Creator

The Creator is absolute and eternal. Accordingly, none of the mortal and relative nouns or attributions is sufficient and able to describe it. The Creator, which is incomparable and resembles itself only, is not influenced by anything and is an immutable Being.

Existence contains nothing of the Creator. Due to this difference of essence, the Creator cannot be communicated with. However, the Creator itself has a certain connection with its Existence by way of its Law (not personally).

The Creator, the owner of infinite dimensions, as well as space and time, cannot be comprehended by anything existing. Therefore, the Creator can only be conceived by means of observing its manifestation (not fully). Every entity symbolizes the Creator. The order of the universe is being achieved by way of the Laws of Creation.

Thinking beings may obtain certain intuitions regarding the Creator, as long as they study the Laws through eternity. In fact, the concept of the Creator or the Laws of Creation, that is the Divine Nucleus, has already dispersed into all entities, no matter if they comprehend it or not, and has penetrated their structures. Globe symbolism, which is represented by a core spreading everywhere, having an external surface that is nowhere, expresses the same fact.

Thus, the Creator, which is in an absolute state of equilibrium and stability, is UNIQUE, SINGLE, and ESSENTIAL.

The Action of Creating

This action, which cannot ever be conceived by any other entity, is restricted to the Creator only, and takes place as a result of a knowledge belonging to the Creator itself exclusively.

The Creator’s unique action is Creating. The only thing echoing from the Creator is Existence. The Creator and the Echo of Existence are not the same thing. Such an Echoing (the results of it) appears in the form of spheres of existential systems as a plurality.

As said before, this Action belonging to the Creator is exclusive. It gives existence to nonexistence. An existent being is not able to comprehend nonexistence; nonexistence is a "System of Nonbeing" to the Existent.

The core of Existence is not form, but essence. In other words, what is created by the Creator is not the form but the essence.

Creating is a universal action, which is free of time and space (because time and space are entities too). That is, this action is a sudden act of Being, which comprises endlessness and is unique and universal.

Existence, being brought into existence by the Creator, is created in such a manner that it, in its structure, contains the "Existential Principles" or "Divine Knowledge".

The Uniqueness of Existence

What is brought into existence by the Unique Creator is in itself Unique too. Singularity and Essentiality of existence is a result of the UNIQUENESS of the Creator.  

Since the laws of the Creator are universal and immutable, there cannot be different existences that are applied to different statutes. Existence is the work of a unique source, that is, it is the result of the laws of the Creator. For this reason, the Creator is Unique. In the world's existence prior to its manifestation, evolution and hierarchy did not exist. During this process, there is no space and motion. The only thing present is an Existence that is Unique.

The cosmos and all creation within it are not created individually yet. Countless systems of existences that we perceive as different are the manifestation of a unique existence in various dimensions.

All of creation presenting a global unity is like a unique diamond that has countless facets, each representing an individual kind of existence. Such a unity is symbolized in the form of a "Cosmic Egg". Uniqueness and Unity of existence mean eternity. Each entity is both a commencement and a termination in itself. The uniqueness of existence is an invisible Uniqueness. Such a uniqueness is considered with respect to its essence or existence. That is to say, each entity that we perceive as a different and individual one contains the same essence within its structure.

Uniqueness of Existence represents the endlessness and universality of creation. That is, there is Existence for the Creator, not existences. And this existence is Unique, Single and Essential.

As a requirement of the principle of "Uniqueness of Existence", all creation is equal and has a SELECTING RIGHT; however, EXISTENTIAL WILLS are never in contradiction with each other.

Creation and Manifestation

The manifestation of the Creator is Existence itself. What is manifested is not the Creator itself, but its Knowledge and Laws. The Cosmos is totally the manifestation and image of the Creator.Manifestation is the self-expression of the Creator itself, who is absolute eternity, which is not limited. From the point of view of the Creator, the infinity of the infinite is a matter that can be converted into the finite. However, such a manifestation is still endless from the point of view of Existence. When the matter is taken into consideration from this point of view, existence means plurality.The Being (creating, bringing into existence) and Action of the Creator is not a creation. The Creation is a formal manifestation of Existence (as limited to physical systems based on time and space dimensions).

Pure matter contains neither form nor idea. What forms matter is existence. It is after the formation of amorphous matter by the existence that the manifested universe shows itself.The Creation of the production, that is the forming of what is present, is a process belonging to not the Creator but to Existence. Existence has achieved the creating or producing action by giving a form to what is actually created by the Creator.It is obvious that there are certain "gods" or "divine beings" that apply the Laws of the Creator and prefer to accomplish the creating function depending upon the principle of "LIBERTY OF FREE WILL", which is one of the most prominent existential principles.Creation is a continuous process in universal existence, that is, this process is infinite. It has neither a beginning nor an end. We are able to sense this unity of existence, but we can never understand it fully.

The Uniqueness of Creation

All of the existing things, that is entities which have been brought into being by Existence itself and which have been manifested as a plurality by being distributed within an infinite dimension, space and time (i.e. the universe) are unique and single (since they have the same essence and are subjected to the same law of creation).

From Uniqueness to Plurality

Existence, which is brought into being by the Creator, keeps the knowledge of all existence. The systems of entities in the form of various layers of globes (which originate from a core) expand outwards endlessly.The systems of entities in this expanding globe of creation are the reasons for manifesting one another. A former one generates a later one. In other words, an entity creates another entity. The saying that "What is created is in the image of God" is an explanation of this fact. That is to say, what is inevitable for existence conforms to the Essence. However, the essence of all creation is Unique, due to the Creator. Therefore, all the things of creation are unique.

Just like the dispersion of sunlight into seven colors through a prism, the Unique existence is manifested in different dimensions, in the particular time and space conditions that are exclusive to that dimension, and in different forms and structures. It is thus converted into an image. However, since there is a Unity of essence, it is said "As above, so below".

From Plurality to Uniqueness

Creation expands, starting from the Creator. In the center, and in the beginning of everything, is the Creator; everything faces it and everything is pointed in its direction.

Evolution is a changing process occurring within a time and space dimension, and it is a measurement or indication of closing in on the Core. This Core however is a never-reachable one.As the Existence closes in on the Core of the created globe, the differences disappear. Though the numbers of laws are inclined to decrease, their contents expand. Everything gets its Uniqueness and essentiality. That point is the Core of the Consciousness of Uniqueness (Singleness, Solitariness). True Unity is there. The entities included in the Consciousness Field expanding from this Core towards endlessness are attracted to the idea of Unity, that is, they are attracted to the Core. In that Core there is no "you’’ or ‘‘I" concept, there is only the concept of "we". The evolutionary journey of any entity is towards that Uniting Core.

Ethical Effects of the "Principle of Uniqueness of Existence"

As a result of the physical manifestation of the Principle of Uniqueness of Existence, we are all tied to each other by our corporal existence, just like the cells of a cosmic body. Our bodies being separate from others, which we observe with respect to the position we have within space, are deceptive for us. As a result of this illusion, we consider ourselves as if we are isolated from others; we fight for our egoistic interests as if we are individuals. However, all humanity is a Unique being. An integrated Reason (Intellect or Consciousness) seems to be possible within the physical cosmos only in this way.Individual evolution of the human entity depends on the development of all humanity collectively. For this reason, human individuals should apply the "Law of Mutual Assistance and Solidarity " consciously in society. It is obvious that "Every sheep must hang by its own shank" does not apply in this respect.The journey of evolution is directed to the idea of Unity, that is, towards the Core of the Consciousness Field of Unity. No matter what we do, we are in the process of moving towards that Core.In fact, we are all Unique. This is emphasized by the famous saying, "One for all, and all for one."


All entities are absolutely equal in the eyes of the Creator with respect to their existence. The Principle of Existential Equality is a natural culmination of the Principle of Uniqueness of Existence. A Unique Existence manifests itself with the same brightness, though in different and unequal forms.

From the Principle of Uniqueness of Existence to the Principle of Existential Equality

The entities are not created individually, but a unique law is applied and all entities have the same Existential Principles within their structures. Hence, each Unique Existence is equal to another, just as it is in the eyes of God.Plurality of a Unique Existence in cosmic manifestation has resulted from the principle of Free Will activity of entities. Though the entities are within a physical system, they also have certain duties according to their free will. Entities, being unique and equal in essence, carry out their duties and services by occupying some certain parts of the cosmic plan by means of their free will.

Equality is by Existence; It isn’t Material or Formal

The Principle of Existential Equality is based not on a visible but on an invisible base. This base is not physical, it isn’t a formal equality, but is an equality that manifests itself on being brought into existence. That is, all Entities are brought into existence by a unique act of creation (Be, or ‘‘Fiat’’!), which is not separate or individual. All creation is manifested according to the Laws of a Unique Core. The most fundamental aspect shared by all entities is their "existence". All entities are equal with respect to existence.

Such equality results from the uniqueness of the essence or core of all entities. Even though entities exhibit different structures and varieties, they have a universal quality with regard to the uniqueness of creation and its Laws. It is such an equality that it may never be affected by appearance, that is, by certain forms manifested in various dimensions of time and space.Due to the Principle of Existential Equality, all entities are equal to each other, as they are equal with respect to the Creator. As a result of this principle, an entity that is manifested as an atom in one dimension may be a galaxy in another, or an entity manifested as a human individual in one dimension may be a god in another.

Inequality of Appearance is DeceptiveAn exhibition of varieties, differences and plurality, that is inequality in physical forms by the entities that actually have an Equality Principle in their essence, results in their Free Will, which is also maintained in their essence.When the invisible manifests itself by passing through the visible, the Uniqueness of the essence is converted into various forms depending on the free will of each entity. Inequality and variety, we observe in the physical cosmos, resembles the dispersion of light into seven colors by passing through a prism. When the prism is taken away, the seven colors disappear, and what remains is light.Depending on the Principle of Free Will, the entity chooses its destination itself and prepares the condition in which it is. Although we may observe it as inequality, the entity can carry out its cosmic duty perfectly only in such a state of consciousness, so much so that if, theoretically, it had been possible to convert inequality, the order of the cosmos would be destroyed.In that case, visible inequalities are natural, since they depend on the free will of the entity. Also, all inequalities are relative and temporary. The Existential Equality Principle is however an equality of existence, and thus is eternal and immutable.Evolution or development does not mean a violation of equality among entities, or rebalancing a destroyed equality. Evolution is a cosmic service period in which the entity advances according to its own manner based on the Principle of Free Will.Entities bear different responsibilities due to the differences in their evolution. As a result, there are infinite inequalities, stage formations and hierarchies within infinite inequalities, stages and hierarchies within infinite dimensions.Entities create Integrality in the forms of differences, varieties and inequalities. No entity is isolated from any other. Everything is inside everything. Any change in one of them affects all of them. Each entity represents a unique element of the active cosmic mechanism, being equally indispensable and precious. Entities are just like the roots, trunk, leaves, branches, flowers and fruit of a tree; the tree can achieve its vitality and function only by means of these elements working in unison and integrality. Every entity carries out its duty by its own wish under unequal forms within the cosmic order.As the entity approaches the Core during its evolutionary process, the plurality of the physical system and its varieties and differences disappear. The entity is free of details there. Everything unites and gets essentiality. That is, the Existential Equality Principle, which is in essence, appears more significantly during this process.

Condition of the Entities in the Eyes of the Creator

According to the Principle of Uniqueness, Existence is Unique. That is to say, in the eyes of the Creator there is a Unique Existence, not entities. There is an image of a Unique Creator; and it is Existence. Plurality of Existence after manifestation, though it was single and Unique before manifestation, does not violate the Principle of Uniqueness of Existence, because the condition of Existence manifested is just like a diamond. Each one of those facets is a representation of that single diamond. Just like this example, infinite existence systems represent an integrality of a Unique one within infinitely different time and space dimensions. The Light (core, essence or Divine Knowledge) is absorbed by all entities in the same degree.With respect to the Creator, what is seen is not plurality, variety or differences, but Unity and Equality. In other words, all entities are subjected to the same Spiritual and Physical Laws. These Laws do not change according to entities, or from one to another. Fire burns everyone's hand.In that case, all entities that represent infinite varieties are equal in respect to the Creator. This is just like the fact that all points surrounding a circle are at an equal distance from the core. Therefore, in the eyes of the Creator no entity is superior or preferred to another. All doctrines suggesting an opposite view to this fact are invalid because they lack the Principle of Existential Equality, and are an injustice and are full of contradictions.

Ethical Effects of the "Principle of Equality"

According to this principle, all entities, no matter what their knowledge or belief, are equal in the eyes of the Creator. Depending on this principle, no one is more advanced or inferior.As per this principle, there is no classification between slave and master; nobody is favored or treated unjustly. God applies His Laws equally on every entity.

Our actions, which we qualify as either good or bad, may not violate this equality. A virtuous person is not superior to another in the eyes of God; human individuals do not fall into disfavor based on their sins. All entities are absolutely equal in the eyes of God.As a result of existential principles, God neither rewards nor punishes human individuals. An application in opposition to this would be a contradiction. Therefore, the events we are subjected to are a result of previous actions (as a result of the Law of Cause and Effect). That is, human beings determine their own fate . It is obvious that we are responsible to ourselves and not to God, because the soul is created having this ability. We thus have to love and respect God, instead of being afraid of Him.Entities who are equal to each other in the eyes of God are also equal to each other with respect to nature. Unfortunately, due to selfishness and haughtiness, what is dominant in the world today is quite contrary to this,. In principle, all human beings are soul brothers.

The classes and castes created by mankind are contrary to the Principle of Existential Equality. It is an absolute deception to classify people as beautiful or ugly, rich or poor, or according to the differences among their faiths that belong to the one true reality. There is no superior or inferior classification; all entities are at a uniform degree to carry out their duties. Every entity functions at a certain point selected by itself within the cosmic order.No matter what he or she does or whatever he or she is, everyone is advancing towards the core of hisher own evolutionary goal. As he or she closes the gap towards the core, the inequality of the world of manifestation disappears and is replaced by a spirit of Unity.Existential Equality is not an equality with respect to the structure or opportunity, nor is it an equality of the development of comprehension. These are simple appearances of the same principle within the world of manifestation.The duty of the entity is not to be created by any kind of deception of the physical world, but by being aware of this inequality and living the Existential Equality Principle fully, and remembering it at all times. True love is achieved when this understanding is reached, and when human individuals live in equality and peace without being unjust and by having the consciousness of "Assistance and Solidarity". A conscious human individual may live a balanced life by applying the Spiritual and Physical Laws equally.If no entity destroys equality by its actions and if it is not supposed to be judged by any other system (than the existential system), the entity must be solely responsible to itself. In such a situation, what we must do is have a sense of universal "Assistance and Solidarity" with all our brothers around the world without any selfish motive.Various kinds of appearances of a unique existence have resulted in a temporary and deceptive inequality. Though every entity is different from another, we are Unique in essence. The "I or you" difference we create is absolutely deceptive. As soon as existence is stripped of egoistic concepts such as "I or you", it is understood that there is no difference. However, the skill lies in being able to conceive it.The reason for perceiving the external reality as plurality, variety and inequality during our mortal life is because of our limited senses and consciousness. Therefore, it is necessary to have universal consciousness and go beyond our senses and individuality in order to comprehend the fundamental Spiritual Principles such as the Uniqueness of Existence and Existential Equality; this necessitates a special knowledge.


The principle of freedom of selecting, i.e. the reason for the plurality and variety in the universe of manifestation, is one of the fundamental principles existing in the essence of the whole creation within the universe.

Freedom of Selecting Stems from the Principle of Existential Equality

The Creator, who is UNIQUE, has brought the essence of existence into existence by a single action. And this action has provided the Divine Principles in the essence of Existence, which has to come into existence in forms. Since all beings have been created in one action, they are all UNIQUE in essence; and since they are all provided with the same Existential Principles within their essence, they are all equal in the eyes of God, and naturally and certainly in the eyes of each other. It is due to the Principle of Equality that all creation has been equipped with an unlimited freedom of selecting.

Every Created Being has an Unlimited Freedom of Selecting

The Creator is infinite and what the Creator created is infinite too. Actually, to expect a finite being from an infinite Creator is absurd. As a result of this fact, entities are brought into existence by being provided with an infinite freedom of selecting. The concept of freedom here does not have any opposite sense that means being a slave. This freedom is such that it was brought into existence before the manifestation, and by virtue of this fact it does not have any opposite meaning,  and nor is it restricted by time and space dimensions. In other words, this is the freedom of manifestation that is exclusive to existence.Existence selects the way it desires by its free will, proceeds in this direction, and adapts itself according to the conditions it comes in contact with on this way. Existence neither gains nor loses anything by this selection.Free selection of existence is not the process of utilizing one of the available possibilities and leaving the remaining possibilities to other beings. There is nothing that could be called possibility outside of existence; everything becomes a possibility for existence as soon as it selects.In this respect, every entity has a right of selecting, which can be utilized equally and on an infinite basis. Besides, even though there are infinite possibilities outside existence, any unique possibility selected does not restrict the infiniteness of those possibilities and remains an infinite selecting possibility for other beings.

The Reason for Variety in the Universe of Manifestation: Freedom of Selecting

Different appearances of entities in the universe of manifestation, in spite of the fact that they are all equal with respect to the essence they have, are not due to an arbitrary will of a certain system outside existence but are due to existence itself.As a result of the infinite selecting freedom of existence, various hierarchies come into existence in the universe of manifestation. A relative order that comes into existence due to the free will of all entities that are the same in essence does not violate the Principle of Existential Equality. The same entity, utilizing the Principle of Freedom of Existential Equality, is able to manage an atom as well as a solar system. This gradual order and inequality in the universe of manifestation indicates the infiniteness of the Freedom of Selecting that is in the essence of the entities due to its creation.

What is the Reason for Getting Different Results on Selections Despite the Fact That

All Entities are Equal in Essence?

Within the frames of a linear thinking system, that is with a deterministic approach, a question like this could be asked: "If all entities are equal with respect to their essence, their selections should create the same result as well, shouldn't they? So, what is the reason for the hierarchy?"The answer to this question is hidden in the global time and space conditions that contain endless dimensions. Let's consider that all entities, being entitled to the same rights at the same moment, have spread from the core of the globe of creation through space in order to create the universe of manifestation! Therefore, they gain different results and appear in different forms, though they are all one in essence. In this case, the differences and inequalities in the manifested universe are the natural results of the manifestation process itself.

All Entities are to Perform Their Own Duty on the Way They Selected

The unlimited and free advancement of entities in the cosmic direction they selected is not independent of the Whole, nor is it arbitrary, i.e. random or aimless efforts. Quite to the contrary, all entities are to perform a Cosmic Service or Duty, which comprises a contribution to the continuity of the manifestation in a complete order by appearing in different forms in the universe of manifestation. No direction selected may be outside the realm of Duty. An entity performs its duty certainly, no matter which direction it has selected.

The Reason for the Harmony and Equilibrium in the Universe is the Principle of Freedom of Selecting

When the Principles of Existential Unity and Existential Equality are not considered, it may be concluded that the advancement of Freedom of Selecting might cause opposition, chaos or inequilibrium; and as a result of this, let alone harmony and order, the universe might be driven to chaos and destroyed in the end.However, as discussed above, all entities contain the same essence and the same Existential Principles exist in their essence. In other words, the same harmony and order is already hidden in the essence of all entities. In the universe, which functions as a holographic system, all entities are informed of what other entities know; but this awareness never harms the freedom of selecting of any entity. All entities are equipped with a power of will which never destroys the harmony and equilibrium of the whole, and they are all provided with the competence to make their free selection without disabling the selection of others.

Ethical Effects of the "Principle of Freedom of Selecting"

All human individuals, as a result of the Principle of Freedom of Selecting in their essence, are performing their Service or Duty by contributing to the continuity of manifestations in the world. Since all entities are equipped with different time and space densities due to their advancement in the different cosmic directions that they selected, they have differences with respect to their evolutionary levels and the conditions in which they are. But the Light (Existential Principles, Divine Knowledge) in their essence always gives light with the same brilliance. For this reason, one can neither be accepted to be higher than another nor can one be looked down on because existence is competent to play the roles of king and beggar with the same success on the scene of cosmic improvement (during the Service and Duty period).As can be seen, there is no connection between the class or rank of any human individual in the community he or she belongs to and the real existence that the same human individual belongs to. The social value of a human individual does not indicate the level of service and duty of that human individual in time and space dimensions. The human individual is responsible to himself or herself only due to his or her advancement in the direction heshe selected, depending on the Principle of Freedom of Selecting. No one brings him or her to account for what heshe does because entities are competent enough to shoulder the responsibility of their actions. Bringing an entity to account, despite the fact that it has been provided with the Principle of Selecting, will be a contradiction.In application, the earth is an environment in which the human individual improves by trials and errors. For this reason, the Spiritual Administration Mechanism, which directs and controls the improvement of humanity, always grants new possibilities to those who make mistakes and want to be saved from this deception.And a human individual who applies the same principles to other human individuals in the community is helpful to them in the direction they selected, and is tolerant towards them.According to the Freedom of Selecting, the human individual is as free as the time and space conditions in which heshe is with respect to his or her thought and behavior, and heshe may do anything heshe wants to. However, heshe is responsible for what heshe does. As a result of the Cause and Effect Law, heshe is exposed to either positive or negative results due to his or her free selections.There is no authority that can judge the human individual on his or her selection, and this is not necessary because the human individual is competent to bring himself or herself to account due to what heshe did. Moreover, God is not in need of creating slaves who are subject to be punished whenever they deviate from their advancement in the direction of their choice. Since the condition that an entity is in is a result of self-selection, it is the most suitable condition for that entity.


Every creature, by utilizing the Principle of Freedom of Selecting that is in its essence, is able to appear in any form according to its own Free Will. No doubt that such an appearance comes true in a matchless harmony since all entities are to act in conformity with the same principles and laws, or due to the essential unity they share. All wills are in conformity with each other; no will is apt to block others; and no one is contrary to the others nor is able to destroy another. The Principle of Conformity of Existential Will-Power is available in all time and space conditions, and in this respect it is implicated in the continuity of creation together with the Manifestation Laws. That is to say, every creature is to convey the Light of the essence towards eternity. No creature is able to behave contrary to this fact even if it wishes to. Entities, having the Freedom of Selecting, are destined to convey the Ray of Creation from one time and space to another.

If Existence Exists, There is No Nonexistence

It is impossible for existential will-powers to annihilate or be in opposition to each other. The concept of "nonexistence" makes no sense to existence because Entities have no such principle in their essence. Existence has manifested for the sake of being existent and bringing into existence, not for the sake of being nonexistent or annihilating. Moreover, there is no entity that may be annihilated by existence because Existence is Unique.

Unique Existence has a Unique Will-Power

As a main principle, Existence is Unique. If there is a single Existence, there is a single Will-Power too. There are no competing Will-Powers that are in contradiction to or in a process of annihilating each other. The whole creation is an infinite Wholeness that acts with a single Will-Power.When manifested, the single Will Power is perceived as plurality. However, this represents a wholeness, just like the integrity of a tree with its innumerable roots spread into the depths of the soil. It is the same sap that runs through the veins of the roots that are tied to the same trunk, and every single capillary vessel is a means of giving life to the same and Single tree. Similar to the will powers, the entities possessing the same essence serve the Whole in a perfect harmony.

Why are Existential Will-Powers Different?

The difference among entities, and their freedom to use their will-powers in different directions and in dissimilar forms and strengths, is not the unavoidable instruction of an extra-existence system; nor is it the inevitable result of predestination, because there is no other system that may direct existence other than existence itself. The will power of existence is in its own possession, and it is absolutely free to use it as it wishes.We had discussed the fact that from the first action onwards, existence is free to choose its own exclusive path by its own free selection. However, this selection is a preference belonging to its essence. Existence has not acted there by means of any external effects other than its own essence. This is a selection process accomplished inside the essence itself, and this selection is a consequence of a knowledge that is exclusive to Existence only. A manifested creature shall again be aware of the selection in its origin when it reaches the seed of its seed, i.e. to that inner seed or that inactive origin in the core of its existence globe and when it becomes a pure action.When proceeding in the cosmic direction it selected, every entity comes across different time and space consistencies. For this reason, the will powers of entities differ from each other depending on the various time and space consistencies they are in. While will powers in very consistent time and space conditions are apt to become inefficient, the ones in less consistent conditions have the chance to shape up broadly as the entities wish.

Difference of Will-Powers Produces Hierarchy

Every entity in the universe of manifestation has a different will power depending on the space and time consistencies it is in. The will powers of some entities become inefficient, while the will powers of some others are more comprehensive. Nevertheless these different will powers have the same degree of valuable contributions to make to the manifestation process. The being at the top has no pressure on the one below, nor has it an authoritative effect on the latters’ will power. Therefore, the beings occupying the lower steps of the hierarchy of will power, using their free will, are to continue their development rapidly by being classified under a more comprehensive will power.

No matter how different they are with respect to their composition, every single will power is an essential element in the Cosmic Mission Plan. These different will powers that have been ordered in a hierarchy, by performing their functions perfectly, contribute to the perfection and spread of the whole of Existence.

Existential Will Powers can Never Annihilate Each Other

Creatures are unique and equal with respect to essence. They appear in different forms since they are being spread towards different cosmic directions from the center as a consequence of the Freedom of Selecting. As a requirement of the Freedom of Selecting, every creature is at different distances from the center. In other words, none of them is at the same point as another. All beings have a different will power exclusive to themselves, depending on the level they occupy. Therefore, it is impossible for these distinct will powers, which are entirely different from each other with respect to quality and quantity, to annihilate each other. Since all beings possess the same Fundamental Principles in their essence, they carry out their cosmic travel in an absolute equilibrium and harmony. It is never ever possible for them to contradict or collide with or neutralize each other. Furthermore, they cannot manage this even if they wish to.Existential will powers are not separate from or independent of each other and the whole. Due to the unity of Creation, anything known by one being is known by the others too; that is to say, every single creature has the knowledge of the whole. In this context it is evident that the existential will powers, which have been provided with a collective ideal such as contribution to the manifestation process, never contradict each other.

We may have an impression that they are abolishing each other, and we may think that what is done by one is being abolished by another. However, to annihilate each other necessitates the will powers to be in opposition to each other, and this is impossible. That is, if existence has been in an action with its own free will, it means that will has been irrevocably realized. Another will power can only make some changes on the realized consequences of the former will power, but it can never annihilate it.

If a will power had been able to annihilate another, then all the universe of manifestation would have been destroyed because Existence is Unique and whole; annihilation of any unit of this uniqueness results in annihilation of the whole.

Existential Will Powers Never Contradict, But are in a Process of Interaction

Since creatures are provided with the Freedom of Selecting, they appear in different forms and they progress towards different directions; thus, they perform the duty of continuity of manifestation. The universe of manifestation is just like a working place where all beings are active together. Every single creature is to perform its Duty and Service within this wholeness. Successful execution of this cosmic activity is accomplished by a perfect intercommunication and interaction that is a natural characteristic exclusive to all beings. Existential will powers are always in a process of interaction. Hence, a creature is aware of the nature of both itself and other creatures; it knows the whole, i.e. itself.

It is obvious that the other will powers are means that provide creatures with self-knowledge. Examination or comparison among existential will powers does not mean a battle or an annihilation process among them. The more a being is informed of the other beings around itself, the more knowledge it obtains about the whole expanding towards infinity as well as the Unity between the Whole and itself. Whenever it acquires the fundamental principles, this period of knowing ends, and an application process begins.

Existential Will Powers are Directed Towards the Same and Single Center

The will power of every entity is directed towards the same and single destination; this target is the Center of the Global Existence. Though creation proceeds in the opposite direction to the center, opposite will powers take creation to the center, i.e. to the Consciousness of Unity, more quickly.Whatever we do, or whatever we want, we desire the same thing actually. Existence may demand in various forms since it is equipped with the Freedom of Selecting, but if we look at the matter from the universal point of view, we observe that all will powers are always directed to the Center, to the absolute will power. In other words, all will powers are always directed towards the Existential Principles and Universal Laws. Wherever an existing thing is within the Cosmic Circle, all the activities it performs are aimed at reaching the Center in the end.In some situations, it looks as if one will power is annihilating another. However, will powers never destroy or contradict each other. All creation proceeds towards the same Center in a Global Will.As they get closer to the Center, the details disappear; everything gets Uniqueness, and creation gains uniformity. In this way, creation ensures that the selections or free wills that are applied utilizing the Freedom of Selecting do not contradict each other and, on the contrary, ensure the equilibrium of the universe.We can see a conscious application of this principle in the accomplishment of the Spiritual Plans. Though the creatures that are included in a Spiritual Plan use their wills in conformity with the Freedom of Selecting, there is a single activity as a plan. Creatures forming a plan are like the organs of a single body; their individual activities constitute the integral activity because something known by one of the beings within that plan is known by all the others as well.As creatures move away from the Center in the Cosmic directions they have selected, they actually get closer to the Center. What makes creation closer to the Center is the wills realized freely.Since the Cosmic Travel of creation is towards the same and only Center, existential will powers may not be in contradiction to each other. If there had been more than one Center and if creation had been directed towards the directions they selected, the manifestation process would have ended then since creation would be in different and opposite directions, and be in contradiction to each other.

Different Will-Powers are a Balance Element of the Universe

Existence, which is unique, appears in a plurality. This plurality is not a partition or opposition; it actually represents a wholeness which is formed by infinite existence systems that are Unique and equal in essence, though they appear in various and different forms.The differences among the creatures in the universe of manifestation does not mean that these will-powers are in opposition in order to destroy each other, because the aim of creation is not to obstruct each other but to support existence and to enrich it.

Existential will powers are an element of equilibrium for each other; so much so that a duty which has not been completed by a performer while a cosmic mission is being carried out is taken over and accomplished by another. A negative effect created by a being is balanced by a positive effect produced by another. It is due to this fact that manifestation is a continuous process.Actually, while a being is in action moving in a certain direction, or while it is using its will power for a certain purpose, its movement also invites an opposite action of another being in response to its motion. However, such a response does not mean an annihilating reaction against will-powers; on the contrary, these beings arrange the equilibrium by their opposite will-powers.Just like the harmony of a song performed by an orchestra, which is a composition of different kinds of sounds produced by various instruments, all beings in the universe create an equilibrium which can never be destroyed.

Will Powers and Duties are in Conformity

The difference in will powers within the universe of manifestation depends on the "Duty Execution Right" of existence. Every being within the universe is executing a duty that is the most suitable for itself. The Duty Execution Right of existence is a right to request and take over a duty, and accomplish that duty by attacking restrictions. If existence retains a living  microbe, it also adapts its will power in conformity with that task. Though there is no difference in essence, the manifestation and utilization of will power of existence may change according to its duty.

Existence Participates in the Manifestation Process by Its Own Free Will

All entities perform certain stages of the Manifestation Laws in conformity with their free will under infinite time and space conditions. In other words, each individual being interprets its own essence. It makes its interpretation not because it was ordered to do so by God, but on account of its own free will. No entity can be blamed or condemned due to its manner of participation in the manifestation process. Moreover, since it is the manifestation of God itself, there is no system other than Existence itself that can blame or condemn it.

Ethical Effects of the "Principle of Conformity of Existential Will"

As a fundamental principle, existential wills cannot be in contradiction to or annihilate each other. No matter in which dimension it is, no entity can react without being in conformity with this principle, which is effective in any time and space.However, when we notice the events in the world, we observe that people are abusing each other. There is injustice all around, and we are being impeded many times in realizing our wishes. Undoubtedly, this is the narrow-minded opinion of a human individual who evaluates events from an egoistic point of view; he observes reality in such a limited and narrow way due to the intense times and space conditions he is in.Without being aware of the purpose of living, and living in a dilemma of pleasure and sorrow, he interprets reality according to his own opinions, and is in a vicious circle of errors.As an entity is to coordinate the life plan in conformity with the Existential Principles before it is born, it has difficulties in performing its Cosmic Duty for its Consciousness is limited when it is restricted by a body. Nevertheless, the purpose of living for the human individual is to recognize the Spiritual Laws and put them to use, even within the boundaries of the body. In fact, all these events, which we perceive as if they were an injustice, are actually pre-planned and arranged by the wills of the Exalted Beings we are under in order to learn the Existential Principles.No human being may harm another one, no matter what he does to him. We suppose that we harmed someone. But, any harm to either life or material makes no change in the essence of that being. Even if a being suffers from material harm, the essence always remains unharmed. Since the human individual is not aware of the fact that he is mainly spirit, he observes life from a materialistic point of view and lives in a world of selfish interests.However, anything done by human individuals is in favor of themselves, whether they are aware of it or not. Thus, to convert this progress into a conscious progression and be in Assistance and Solidarity with each other will be a wise attitude.

Since we are all unique in essence as human individuals, and since we are the cells of a Cosmic Body having a single and Unique will, to impede another's will and be harmful to it will actually be a harmful attempt against ourselves. As human individuals we are brothers and sisters to each other, and we are all responsible to each other.As a requirement of the Principle of Conformity of Existential Will Power, the human individual is responsible for himself only due to the expression of his will. That is, the human individual is accountable to himself only for what he has done. There is no system that is supposed to reward or punish the human individual because of his deeds, because existence has the power of assuming the responsibility for its actions.


The entire responsibility of the universe is not assumed by a single entity. There is a solidarity among living things and this cosmic responsibility is distributed among all entities.

While existence is drowned in the depths of the universe of manifestation, it is constrained a bit more and the content of the responsibility it bears gets narrower. During its return, the content of its responsibility gets larger in parallel with this knowledge that increases while it closes towards the Center of Manifestation. As a matter of fact, there is no responsibility from a certain point onwards, because existence is doing what it is supposed to do from that point onwards.

The State of Irresponsibility

There was existence first, a single Existence, a sole and Unique will, and a sole and Unique Knowledge which had not been manifested yet; an absolute immobility which closed onto itself, and a sole and Unique point which was in a state of stillness; a Divine Seed which was ready to interpret the Existential Principles it carries in its essence; a Sacrifice which was content to manifest.However, in this state, existence had not utilized its will and had not created the first cause yet. In other words, since there was no cause yet, there was no effect either. That is, Causality hadn’t started yet, and surely there was no responsibility as well. This cosmic seed, which was donated with the Knowledge of Being Existent and Bringing into Existence, was ready to bear the responsibility of Creation.

Responsibility Starts

Existence wished to "BE". Then the Cosmic Egg was about to crack . . . and it was Light! Invisible light transformed into a visible one. The Light in the Center was dispersed into atoms, and spread out into eternity. A universe was born which shone brightly and pulsatingly.

Existence, which was Unique before Manifestation, turned into Existence that appeared in the image of plurality. Thus, an infinite potential energy that was hidden in a static state was transformed into an infinite kinetic energy in variations representing dynamism.

Since entities have a Freedom of Selecting in their Essence, they have chosen any direction they wished to proceed, from the Manifestation Center onwards. The first step they made by their own wills was also the first moment they bore their responsibility.

Knowledge in the Essence of Existence is Coveredin the Universe of Manifestation

All entities carry on the Divine Knowledge in their Essence. However, this Knowledge is covered as soon as entities appear; and the Light in measureless brightness is hidden in the universe of manifestation. But this is a requirement of the process of manifestation because when they proceed in the Cosmic Direction they selected, entities come across various time and space conditions that are manifested in different densities. Time and space are entities too. They have also been spread out into the universe of manifestation and it is inevitable for them to meet other existing beings as well.The Divine Knowledge in the essence of existence is covered like the insufficiency of a candlelight in fog. The motion of existence gets slower, and its responsibilities get reduced. But in less dense time and space conditions, the Divine Knowledge in the essence of existence, i.e. the Existential Principles, starts to shine. Existence gains speed, and bears more responsibilities.

Difference in Knowledge and Responsibilities does not Violate the Principle of Equality

In the universe of manifestation, entities can use their knowledge at different levels and in different time and space conditions; thus, depending on this, they bear different responsibilities. This results in a hierarchical order, but it does not violate the Principle of Freedom because entities are absolutely unique in essence. Their encounters in different time and space environments are not due to their insufficiency but due to the process of manifestation. Besides, all entities are subject to such an encounter. Existence has the power of adapting itself perfectly to the conditions of any environment it is in. While it can limit itself within an atom, it is also able to bear the responsibility of governing a planet by increasing the level of its knowledge.

Existence is Responsible for Itself Only

Existence has escaped from the Manifestation Center by its own free will, and started its Cosmic Journey in the direction it selected. Existence, which started the first motion in the universe, also bore the responsibility for this action.Existence has not been driven in order to be manifest. No system outside existence has ordered it to select a certain direction. No power shall question it due to its specialty or contribution to the manifestation process, nor shall it be judged. There is absolutely no system for punishing existence, which decreases its level of knowledge and takes little responsibility in very concentrated time and space conditions, or increases its level of knowledge and takes more responsibilities in less concentrated time and space conditions.Existence is completely responsible for itself due to its actions within the universes. As a matter of fact, there is no other existence other than itself.

Existence is Responsible for What It Knows

The universe is an environment of Service and Duty. Every entity is responsible for the share of the Cosmic Duty it is charged with. Existence chooses its own duty and adjusts the level of its knowledge according to its mission. In this situation, existence is responsible for a certain part, i.e. as much as it has knowledge, of the Cosmic Duty; it is not responsible for other functions outside its knowledge. In other words, existence participates in the manifestation process in proportion to its knowledge.

The balance and equilibrium of the whole is achieved only by the participation of all entities in proportion to their knowledge. To undertake the responsibility of knowledge means a perfect execution of the Cosmic Principles and Laws that have been selected by Existence itself.

Ethical Effects of the "Principle of Existence is Responsible for What It Knows" Principle

What makes the human individual responsible is not the knowledge gained by books. What makes him responsible is the knowledge that its reality has been accepted by existence, has penetrated into and been comprehended by existence itself. No matter from which source such knowledge has been obtained, when it is the time and place to use it, the human individual has to use that knowledge; if not, he deserves to be questioned about it because the human individual is responsible both for his actions which he did not carry out because he did not know about them, and for the actions which he did carry out without knowing about them.He is not responsible for the actions he did under the threat or promise of another will which is stronger than himself because it is not a deed performed according to his own knowledge. It is done in conformity with the order of that superior power. In such a situation, the party that should be questioned is not the human individual but that despotic power which directs the human individual under its hegemony by its exclusive methods. To assume the human individual responsible for his own deeds makes it necessary for him to be conscious of what he has done.

As to the Universal Assistance and Solidarity  Law, an entity may follow the instructions of a developed educational system in order to develop itself. In this case, what is expected from that superior power is not to confuse the entity by giving it vague, incomplete or even incorrect information, nor to destroy the self-confidence of the entity by harsh orders, nor restrict its activities with some rules, nor frighten or promise rewards in order to make it follow its own instructions, thus forcing it to be hypocritical. Quite to the contrary , the superior power should inform the entity frankly, then leave it free with its conscience, prepare an environment in which it can practice its knowledge, and encourage it as much as it can to bear the responsibilities of its deeds.A man who knows does not make intentional mistakes. If he is still making mistakes, the reason for it is his unawareness or the unsuitability of the conditions he is in. That is, if a man is making mistakes in the world, it would not be fair to put all the responsibility on him. First of all, man is in a very concentrated time and space environment. He has to fight with the heavy physical vibrations around him, with his narrow consciousness, in a rough physical body. The conditions that he is in prevent him from reflecting on the Divine Knowledge inside him. Leaving aside judgment on him, man has to be congratulated and sanctified because of his contribution to the existential manifestation, in proportion to the limited conditions he is in.To assume man is responsible makes it necessary for him to be aware of what is good or bad, or what is correct or incorrect. If this knowledge is not given to him freely, he may not be responsible for what he has done. Just giving various lists that contain various instructions regarding the things to be done or not to be done does not contribute to man's development. Man can only be improved by explaining to him the Existential Principles and Development Laws, and after he learns that the only person responsible for what he does is definitely himself.Man is responsible to himself only for his conscious deeds. But he has no responsibility to anyone for the things he has done or been forced to do without knowing. Moreover, there is no system that is supposed to judge man, except himself. Existence is not a slave supposed to be questioned due to its activities; on the contrary, it is the architect of the universe by contributing to the manifestation with its own will.Man is a free being. He has improved himself by his own will, taking part in the Cosmic Duty in proportion to his knowledge, and he is responsible for himself only. The errors he commits may slow him down, but they do not stop him. However, this situation gives him sorrow. Since the Cosmic Duty applies to all of us, any interruption in the duty of an entity affects all humanity in the end. Hence, in order to prevent that person from suffering sorrow due to his inability to perform his duty and in order to not affect the other human individuals in a negative way, and more importantly, in order to not interrupt the Duty itself, we all have to live in Solidarity and Charity as human individuals, being the same in essence.The one who knows is much more responsible than the one who does not.

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