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All the realities in the World and the information learned by this way, the messages sent from the spiritual realms, all the inventions, everything that could be named as information including everything that we are living all exist for a purpose and each of these is a preparation. For the human Beings in other words Essence Beings’ to collect the necessary information from the realities, people had to live their lives seriously and it was a necessity for  the human beings themselves not to have the knowledge of what was the purpose of all this information. The mechanisms which are disabling from learning the purposes of the reality information are still being  lived as events. The events standing against learning the truth and seeming like barriers  are:

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20.04.2014 Ich hörte, was die Kerze sprachßt du, wie die Art großer Energieströme mit wenig Aufwand verändert werden kann? Es ist so einfach. Nicht jeder deiner Tage ist voll Freude. Wie beinahe jeder andere, wirst du eine Menge Probleme oder ein intensives Arbeitsprogramm haben. Wenn du damit beschäftigt bist, setzt du deine volle Aufmerksamkeit und Konzentration ein. Hin und wieder kannst du dem durch eine Erholungspause oder Meditation entkommen. Wenn du jedoch sehr intensiv mit der Arbeit beschäftigt bist oder ein Problem hast, lächelst du nicht. In diesem Zustand bist du mit den dich umgebenden Energien beschäftigt und schleppst sie überallhin mit, wohin du gehst. Dein Gesicht zeigt kein Lächeln. In diesem Fall, wie kannst du diese dich begleitende Energie in einen positiven Zustand umwandeln? Höre auf mich, dann wirst du dein Bewusstsein schulen. Menschen in deiner Umgebung sehen dich, nicht deine Energie. Sie schauen auf dein Gesicht und deine Energie wirkt auf sie.

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18.04.2014 Ich hörte, was die Kerze sprach können jede Art von Wissen über jeden Gegenstand leicht erlangen. Egal um was für einen Gegenstand es sich handelt, das Wissen wird manchmal gründlich erlernt, aber manchmal und zumeist wird es unvollständig erlernt. Auch wenn man über etwas gründlich Bescheid weiß, bedeutet das nicht, dass man das Wissen über diesen Gegenstand gut anwenden kann. Es gibt einen Vorgang, der als Verarbeitung des Wissens bezeichnet wird. Wenn ein Wesen wenig Stärke hat und viel Wissen, wird das Wissen diesem Wesen nicht sofort nützen. Das kommt davon, dass das Wissen noch nicht verarbeitet wurde. Unverarbeitetes Wissen ist ein Wissen, das noch nicht angewandt wurde. Man kann jede Art von Wissen erlangen. Um imstande zu sein, dies in die Praxis umzusetzen, hängt von der Stärke des Wesens ab, was bedeutet, wie die Person es versteht, das Wissen anzuwenden.

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20.04.2014 I heard it when the candle was speaking you know how the way of great flows of energy can be changed with little efforts? It is so simple. Not every day of yours passes in joy. Almost as everyone else, you might have a lot of problems or intensive work programme. You are giving your full attention and concentrating on the work you are busy with. From time to time by having a rest or meditating, you get out of these. However, while you are intensely busy with a job or when you have a problem, you do not smile. With this state of yours, you are busy with the energies surrounding you and you carry them to wherever you go. You do not have a smiling face. In this case, how would you change the energy that you carry into a positive state? You are listening to me.and the effect of this on you is awareness. People around you see you not your energy. They look at your face  and your energy affect the others. If you become aware of all these as actually you are aware now, a little effort that you will make that is to say if you can talk to anyone you encounter smilingly for a minute you change the energy that you possess at once which means all the energy flow that surrounds you. Immediately afterwards you return to your previous state but this one-minute effort continues to feed you. Being aware of all these, if you continue with these little efforts you will have changed the way of great energy flows easily.
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18.04.2014 I heard it when the candle was speaking can attain any kind of knowledge on any subject easily. Whatever the subject is the knowledge is sometimes learnt thoroughly but sometimes and most of the time it is learnt incompletely. Knowing a subject thoroughly doesn’t mean having a good command of the knowledge of that subject . There is an action which is called the digestion of the kwowledge. If a being is weak in mightness and has a lot of knowledge, the knowlege will not serve that being at once. It is because of the undigested knowlege the being has. Undigested knowledge is the knowledge that hasn’t appeared on the field of application. A being can obtain any kind of knowledge. Being able to put these into practice depends on the mightiness of the being which is to say on his command of putting these into the field of application. Mighty beings are those that can turn knowledge into action. Can you put into practice every nice piece of knowledge? Your answer is neither yes nor no. You can not say a definite yes or no. Because you apply the parts of the knowledge which are sympathetic to you and leave out the parts that are antipathetic to you. In other words in order to expand your mightiness you are putting into practice what you know. If here and now you wonder how mightiness could be expanded, the answer for this is the ability to put all that you know into practice. That is to say the ratio of putting what you know into practice determines your mightiness. noted down by: me

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