Archangel Gabriel - Daily Message ~ Sunday January 3, 2016 of you wonder what your enlightenment process means for your current relationships. Can you have a relationship with someone who is not spiritually awakening?

We liken this scenario to being on a highway, which could be considered your soul path. The person who is embracing their spiritual awakening seems like they are in a race car, while the one who is not may seem like they are walking down the side of the road. What we wish for you to understand is that both are in forward movement and one is not necessarily better than the other.

You see, there are many who do not have conscious spiritual awakening on their “to do” list for this incarnation. They may have focused on spirituality for many lifetimes and are wishing to take a break this time around. They may be fine-tuning other parts of the human experience and have come in service to you, to create the stability, resources and time you need to have the freedom to embrace your own enlightenment.

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Archangel Gabriel - Daily Message ~ Saturday January 2, 2016

adana66 cDear Ones, a very simple meditation/visualization for creation is to simply imagine yourself up in the cosmos, turning on the light of your intention and seeing other lights turn on to respond to what it you wish to create.

So, for example, you might imagine yourself going up into the universe and turning on your light of service to attract more wonderful clients who are perfect energetic matches for what you do, and seeing their lights turn on in response to your broadcast, indicating people who have now found you and your service. You can then relax, knowing the connection has been made and that they are on their way.

You can use this technique for anything. Looking for more like-minded people to enjoy your spirituality with? Turn on your light, shine brightly out into the cosmos, and see the connections being made. Looking for an ideal mate? Let your light shine and see the connection being made.

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Archangel Gabriel - Daily Message ~ Friday January 1, 2016

adana20 cDear Ones, you have done it! You have come through a year that has energetically shifted you more than any other time on your planet. You have cleansed and purged and have also become accustomed to very fast moving energies. What you have accomplished is absolutely remarkable! What this now allows you to do is to start 2016 from a platform – a golden platform of light – that allows you a higher vantage point than you have ever had to operate from before. This will allow you to see things from a whole new perspective, to see into what life looks like in these new energies, and to create beyond what you could have ever imagined possible. So we commend you and congratulate you on all that you have done, and what you are now set up to do, which is to navigate your life lovingly, mindfully, compassionately and passionately, as you move into the next phase of this grand adventure you are on called life. ~Archangel Gabriel

Archangel Gabriel - Daily Message ~ Thursday December 31, 2015

adana26 aIf we had only one wish for you as you enter the energy of a brand new year, it would be that you make a sacred vow to love yourselves unconditionally in 2016. If you make that your priority, love will lead the way in all that you do, and you will be setting the energy to allow all other things to fall beautifully into place for you. Celebrate what’s within first, Dear Ones, and you will create the energetic foundation to have all kinds of things to celebrate all year long. ~Archangel Gabriel

Archangel Gabriel -Daily Message- Wednesday December 30, 2015 Ones, acceptance does not mean ignoring your very valid feelings. It means that you can recognize that something is unfolding the way it is for a reason, and still honour yourselves through any emotion you may be feeling to do with that experience. We never wish for you to deny how you really feel! In fact, we urge you to honour yourselves and love yourselves tenderly through any disappointments or discouragements you may feel. It is through being your own loving guide, your own loving parent, your own loving best friend, that you will compassionately give yourself everything you need, while staying in the flow of the unfoldment of your life with faith and trust. It is through that practice you will masterfully honour both the human self and the spiritual self, creating congruency and balance on your path of forward movement. ~Archangel Gabriel

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